Therasage InfraRed Sauna


• Detoxification
• Decrease Inflammation
• Increase circulation
• Relieve pain
• Burn calories
• Sleep Better
• Immune Enhancement & Promote overall health and wellness
• Mitochondria Support and Enhanced Energy
• Increased Natural Nitric Oxide and Redox Molecule Production
• Anti-Aging Benefits; Collagen Production, Cellulite Reduction

The infrared sauna is known to be the best natural detoxification. Regular sessions have been proven to strengthen the immune system by improving Mitochondrial health and cellular energy, enhancing microcirculation and blood oxygenation and boosting the natural production of Nitric Oxide. There are additional skin and anti-ageing benefits as well.

Please Note!


• Place a towel over the footpad and chair to absorb your sweat and toxins and make it more comfortable.


• Stay Hydrated! – Drink a 6-8 oz glass of water within one hour prior to your sauna session, and also when you are done.


To book a session, please contact us at 2537 1118

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