Dr. Emilie-Marie Berthet Clairet

M.D, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (NANP)
Doctor in Medicine (Paris VI)
Certified in Sport and Nutrition (HKU)

A registered medical doctor, Emilie Berthet Clairet, practised in the specialist field of bacteriology- human biology- in Paris.

She moved to Hong Kong in 2008 and stopped her practise for a few years to raise her 3 children. Through some health concerns for herself and her children, she experienced the importance of what we eat to keep the body in balance, and she extended her knowledge further into nutrition. She also discovered the benefits of complementary medicine and holistic health for herself and her children. As a result, she decided to pursue her medical practice using a more holistic approach, focusing on re-balancing lifestyle and diet to keep our body healthy instead of treating diseases when they occur.

Emilie’s holistic approach understands physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions to help her patients find solutions and acquire a lifestyle that best matches their health requirements. She works more specifically on re-balancing the gut, our “second brain”, using her comprehensive knowledge and background in bacteriology. An imbalance in the intestinal flora can result in many symptoms and diseases, and rebuilding this microbiota is an essential part of our health.  As a trained medical doctor, she also provides nutritional support to patients during illnesses and medical treatment.

We are preparing our future health now, through diet and habits, and “a healthy habit” is only really healthy if you keep it for good. Emilie understands this and uses her comprehensive medical and holistic background to assist each patient, with or without a medical condition, to their future health.

In her private life, Emilie is a spoiled and busy mum of 3 incredible boys. She is a core volunteer at Angels for Children: A HK based charity organisation registered in 2009 that works to improve the lives of children in Cambodia, Bali and here in HK –  https://www.angels-for-children.org.

She is also a Zumba instructor. She loves dancing and teaching Zumba and finds that it keeps her life in balance. For Emilie, teaching Zumba is all about sharing some fun and energy with people after a stressful day.

Emilie is a breast cancer survivor and helps spread the word for prevention awareness as well as support those going through treatment and recovery.

For more enquiries, you may email her at emilie-marie@vitalitycenter.com.hk.

You may also visit her website at dremilieberthetclairet.com.

“We are preparing our future health now..”

Languages: English and French

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