Dr. Emilie-Marie Berthet Clairet

M.D, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (NANP)
Doctor in Medicine (Paris VI)
Certified in Sport and Nutrition (HKU)

A registered medical doctor, Emilie, practiced in the specialist field of bacteriology in human biology in Paris. She moved to South Africa in 2005 where she trained and worked in Public Health and was involved in various community projects such as HIV prevention and access to a healthy diet for the underprivileged population. During this life-changing experience, she discovered how our lifestyles can be directly linked to health and how change can make a real difference.

She moved to Hong Kong in 2008, worked as a dance fitness instructor for a few years and was certified in exercise and sports nutrition. Some health concerns of her own and her children helped her to realise the benefits of complementary medicine and having a more personalised approach to health. As a result of this, she decided to pursue her medical practice as a holistic practitioner, with focus on rebalancing lifestyle and diet to keep our body health and immune defenses optimum instead of only treating the disease as conventional medicine dogma dictates.

To accompany her patients on their journey to better health, she decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist to help find the perfect relationship and balance between the body, mind and environment.

Emilie now practices clinical hypnotherapy and holistic nutrition. She has developed a particular interest in the links between the mind and body, and the impact our thoughts and automatic behaviors have on our health as well as the intestinal flora with its complex interaction with all our systems and organs. Rebalancing the intestinal flora requires a holistic approach, and stress and lifestyle greatly influence our intestinal flora’s balance.  Thanks to her training in allopathic medicine, Emilie understands what can be treated with medications and supplements and what requires a more personal and holistic approach to health. Our health is impacted by blockages, compulsive behaviours, and beliefs, which need us to understand what goes wrong between our brain and body. It sometimes requires work on the subconscious through hypnotherapy. We are all different; our body, mind, and the relationship between the two are often much more complex than we realise. We need an individual approach; Emilie uses her knowledge of allopathic and holistic medicine to define which approach can be most beneficial to you and supports you in putting it into practice.

In her private life, Emilie is a spoiled and busy mum of 3 incredible boys. She is a volunteer at Angels for Children: A HK based charity organisation registered in 2009 that works to improve the lives of children in Cambodia, Bali and here in HK –  https://www.angels-for-children.org.

She still teaches Zumba. She loves dancing and teaching and finds that it keeps her life in balance. For Emilie, teaching Zumba is all about sharing some fun and energy with people after a stressful day.

Emilie is a breast cancer survivor and helps spread the word for prevention awareness as well as support those going through treatment and recovery.

For more enquiries, you may email her at emilie-marie@vitalitycenter.com.hk.

You may also visit her website at dremilieberthetclairet.com.

“We are preparing our future health now..”

Languages: English and French