Fleur Denis

Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy
Niromathé Technique

My father was an Osteopath so I always knew where I was heading. I studied Osteopathy in France for 5 years and after graduating I decided to move to Ecuador where I practiced for a few months before settling in Hong Kong.

Having practiced Osteopathy while travelling early in my career helped me to realize that there are lots of approaches to healing and piqued my interest to create my own personal way of treating my patients.

I decided to study further to expand my knowledge and took several other degrees like Reiki, clinical acupuncture, sports nutrition, postnatal Jamu-massage, energy healing, yoga training and more.

My way of working is now based on all my cumulative knowledge and practiced with my sensibility and intuition. I do basic osteopathy and also digestive, Cranio-sacral, perinatal and pediatric osteopathy.

In my treatment, I am looking not only to treating the pain of my patient but to really dig down and find the root cause, clear out and rebalance their bodies to reactivate the self-healing process.

As well as French, Fleur can conduct her consultations in English and Spanish.

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Languages: French, English, and Spanish.