Sabine Parchowski

Certified Holistic Aromatherapist Specialised in Skin Health
Certificate in Advanced Specialized Training in Organic Skin Cares – LRC Formation et Conseil (France)
Aromatherapy – APDHA MIFPA
Reiki Practice, Level 3

Sabine is currently a happy therapist who has supported hundreds of patients thanks to Aromatherapy practice (Essential Oils use) and Organic vegetable oils properties.

Born and raised in the Indian Ocean, on a French tropical island, Sabine has grown up surrounded by volcanoes and incredible lush vegetation. And because of this, she developed a strong connection with nature and its wonders for human well-being at a very young age.

After high school, she studied in Paris and went to work straight after in Humanitarian action (Asian and African countries) and later on, threw herself into her Journalism work with a focus on Environmental matters. Until she arrived in Hong Kong and opened up ‘by random’ to alternative therapies through which she has recovered from, what was at this moment, a poor health condition.

Fascinated by the power of alternative therapies in helping patients to (re)discover and use their own healing system, Sabine decided to become a therapist herself. After several years of hard studies, Sabine is a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist since 2019. She has practiced in Hong Kong’s clinics and she has recently completed her knowledge with deep studies about organic vegetable oils’ properties on Human Health and especially on skin issues.

Basically Essential Oils (Aromatherapy) can be a great support in nearly every area of Health conditions – Aromatherapy can help strongly the Digestive, Immunological, Nervous, Psychological, Respiratory, Reproductive systems for instance – while vegetable oils are amazing for many skin issues (dilated pores, dry skin, oily skin, eyes with dark circles, stretch marks, rosacea, etc. and diagnosed cases of psoriasis, dermatoporosis, perioral dermatitis, etc.)

Sabine regularly sees fabulous results in patients who are going through very deep pain (long term eczema: healed; painful menopause symptoms: gone; stress issues: controlled; etc.).

Organic vegetable oils, Organic Essential oils and some good listening skills are her main tools.

I feel we are at a time on Planet Earth where we have to reconnect to ourselves. It might help us to understand ourselves better and to accept who we truly are. Reconnecting to Nature, through organic treatments for instance, is one great way to reconnect to who we truly are and thus to move on happily.

Languages: English and French