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Massage is the oldest form of physical therapy, used by various civilization throughout human history.


What exactly is Massage Therapy? Is the manipulation, through different techniques, of muscle tissues at different depth. Massage therapy is a physiotherapeutic treatment that is based on therapeutic and/or preventive massage and it’s considered the oldest form of physical therapy. Therapeutic massage of the muscles and connective tissues is carried out by hands and it is mainly aimed to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system and to rehabilite  those affected; it has been used for hundred of years to relieve pain and dissolve contractures as well as removing fatigue.

The various massage therapy techniques are highly advised  in cases of: muscle fatigue, muscle contractures, muscle toning, post trauma/surgery sports rehabilitation, backache and cervical pain, arm pain caused by epicondylitis and epitrochleitis, shoulder impingement, loosening of scar tissue, to improve drainage and muscle relaxation after surgical interventions, stiffness of the adductor muscles in pubalgia, improve proprioception sensitivity, problems of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

The massage therapist can also make use of therapeutic tools such as radiofrequency, cupping, gua sha, kinesiotape, electrostimulation with microcurrents and lymphatic drainage.


Michele Martinetti


In 2017 I suffered from C4 – C5 spondylarthrosis with radiation and tingling in my right hand. After 5 treatments with Michele the irradiation improved and after 12 it disappeared: it was the first time after years and many different therapists. I continued to go to Michele because, even though he solved my problem, the quality of life improved a lot.
Paolo, 57 yo


In 2006, due to severe sciatic pain, I underwent hernia surgery. In 2010 I started again having pain in my legs, due to the narrowing of the medullary canal from L3 – S1. In 2016, after many ineffective therapies and orthopedic visits, I was offered a new surgery or the use of a wheelchair which I refused, accepting myself to a slow decline. In 2018 a friend introduced to me Michele and, after 3 months of treatments, I was able to take long, even challenging walks. In summer I achieved a complete recovery and, thanks to Michele’s treatments, I felt reborn. I continued the treatments, not only for my legs and back, to maintain and increase my life quality.
Piero, 83 yo



Michele’s treatments are wonderful but, above all, effective.
Daniele, 49 yo



Michele Martinetti is not only an excellent massage therapist, Michele is the only professional, among the many I turned to, who allowed me, after years of inactivity due to a serious motorcycle accident, to return to work and therefore have a normal life. In my job I have to stand 8 – 10 hours a day and, if I’m back to work, I have to say thanks to Michele.
Federico, 52 yo