Bruce Taylor

Holistic Wellness Teacher & Practitioner

Bruce Taylor is a Reiki and Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Teacher who focuses on the movement of energy (Chi) through the body to help promote wellness, reduce stress, and improve overall quality of life.  Bruce was previously with us at the Vitality Center from 2017-2020 and he will now be returning to the Vitality Center as a visiting practitioner and is accepting bookings from late Janurary 2023 until the end of April 2023Bruce works with and trains others in Reiki and Holistic Wellness modalities globally via his site (  He is available for appointments at the Vitality Center in:● Reiki Energy Healing Sessions & Trainings● Breathwork Sessions & Trainings● Meditation Sessions & Trainings● Talk Therapy focusing on individuals and couplesHis sessions will help you by allowing more space to:● Release resistances within the body, mind, and spirit, which promotes healing and vitality● Reduce and release stress● Improve quality of sleep● Improve relationships within your family or workplace● Understand, via practical language, how energy works to heal the mind, body, and spirit● Help children and adults alike release anger, frustration, and impulsive energy to return to a state of calmnessHis Credentials: ● Reiki Teacher and Practitioner Usui, Kundalini, Tibetan forms with fluence in all schools of Reiki● Holistic Wellness and Wellbeing Coach & Mentoring● Sound Healing Practitioner & Teacher● Yoga/Breathwork/Meditation Practitioner & Teacher● Global retreats for individuals and corporations alike● For more on Bruce please visit his home online @

“The balanced flow of energy through our body, mind, and spirit is absolutely essential for our health. Indeed it is the foundation of our health and wellness. It is my sincere pleasure to help my students and clients alike recognize their own internal blockages to this energy and allow it to open and flow naturally all within the deeply therapeutic nature of the modalities I teach and practice.”

Languages: English