Jan Moor

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (UK)
Therapeutic Yoga (Canada)

Jan Moor qualified in the UK as a Pharmacist. From retail pharmacy management she moved to Singapore with her husband where she began her Hatha Yoga practice then onto Hong Kong with their 2 children.

Today, Jan is a Yoga teacher of both the mind and body. Her own approach to the practice of yoga is holistic, believing that ‘health’ means not only a physically healthy body but also through the practice of meditation, having a stable mind and to be spiritually peaceful.

She has been a firm practitioner of the physical Hatha Yoga for 30 years with 28 years of teaching experience in both Singapore and Hong Kong; she is also a dedicated and welll-accomplished teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation of 21 years, sharing much of her knowledge, insights and inspirations with others.

She has taught Yoga in schools, hospice care centres, and cancer support groups as well as YMCA, local clubs, beauty and fitness centres. her classes have been remembered and appreciated by students as being, physically, “fabulous, fun & fitness”, but more so for the contemplative aspects of, “self awareness, sharings and …silence!”

You can find more information on Jan’s website: http://www.moor2movement.com/

Movement or flow is key for health otherwise stagnation and disease follow.

Languages: English