BioResonance Therapy

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Bioresonance therapy is a biophysical treatment that interacts with the electromagnetic frequencies generated by organs and cells in the patient’s body (similar to the principles of EEG or ECG)

Like radio waves, these electromagnetic signals can’t be seen, but they carry essential information about what’s going on inside the body’s cells.

Just as a radio can read radio waves, the Bioresonance device can read the body’s electromagnetic signals. And just as a radio can send out radio waves, the Bioresonance device can send corrective signals to the body that can help neutralise stressful interference frequencies and encourage healing from a cellular level.

Reading these electromagnetic signals enables a trained therapist to identify and address problems like chronic pain, allergies, musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and many more.

Bioresonance therapy also complements conventional medicine, which typically relies on biochemical methods.


Silke Miller