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Osteopathy may be defined as a system, or science, of healing that uses the natural resources of the body for the adjustment of its structure, to stimulate the preparation, and distribution of the fluids and forces of the body, and to promote cooperation and harmony in the body mechanism.

It is a holistic medicine which concentrates on treating a person as a whole because the body systems are interconnected and related. Osteopathy is based on manipulation techniques which focus on the structure of the body (bones, muscles, joints and associated functions).

It is a complimentary medicine and looks not only at physical symptoms but also at lifestyle, habits and the patient’s overall condition.

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The osteopath will evaluate pain type and medical history of the patient.
The origin of the symptoms will be treated and advice will be given on any health concerns.

This will help to empower patients to develop attitudes and lifestyles that don’t just fight illness but also help prevent it.


Osteopathy can treat :

  • Lumbar, dorsal, cervical pain
  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Neural disorder (cervico brachial neuralgia)
  • Tinnitus
  • Gastroesophageal reflux diseases, Digestive disorders
  • Gynaecologic pain, Genito-urinary trouble
  • Muscular pain and articular pain
  • Anxiety, Stress

Osteopathy can also treat children’s problems e.g. sleep trouble, gastroesophageal reflux, colic, irritability.


“Fleur has a very holistic and gentle approach of osteopathy. Her mindful practice heals the tensions and blockages caused by our stressful and busy life to the body and mind. She generously shares her knowledge and energy with her patients. I sincerely recommend her.”
Beatrice Henkinet

“I have been seeing Henry for treatments on and off during the past 4 years. I started to see Henry due to persistent lower back problems largely resulting from a prolonged period of too much time at my desk in the office. Henry put me on a weekly programme for the first few months and eradicated the pain and generally loosened my upper back and shoulder area. Since then, I see him when I feel my back stiffen (or just miss his sense of humour)and he never fails to deliver almost instant relief. Although I still go through instense periods at work now and then, my persistent lower back pain has not returned. When I do need treatments and am able to see Henry for a few weeks in a row I always feel better in terms of less stiffness, greater flexibility and usually even reduced allergy symptoms. I have recommended Henry to many friends and he has treated each of them with the same care and compassion that he has shown me.

A trip to the Vitality Center is always a terrific experience from being greeting by Dhillon or Corinna when you arrive through to end of whatever treatment you need. Henry, and the rest of the Vitality Center team, are fantastic, dedicated practitioners and I recommend them highly.”
– Joanne Oswin
Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Osteopaths have been part of my family’s medical care since I was four years old. Having inherited a family back problem, I have hobbled into the Vitality Center and following treatment from Henry Donald Osteopath Extraordinaire, I have confidently walked out. Following a monthly maintenance programme I am now taller and straighter thanks to Henry’s professional care.

The Vitality Center provides professional caring Holistic Healing in a warm atmosphere – absolutely revitalsing in this now polluted concrete city. I know of Antipodean men who do not believe in this “holistic “approach walking into the Vitality Center in agony and walking out pain free. Not a miracle-but close : just very professional care.
– Gael Black