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Ayurveda is a 5000-year old timeless ancient medical system originated in India and by using the techniques we can not just treat but also prevent you from developing these imbalances.

Service (A) Ayurveda 1-on-1 Personal Consultation: (Remote or Face to Face) – 90 mins

During the 90 minutes session, we will review:

• Your intention, chief concerns and goals
• Prakruiti (Innate Body Type)
• Vikruti (Current Imbalances – targeted issues to treat)
• Agni (Digestive system) Type and Strengths
• Ama (Half digested wastes, meaning Toxins) level
• Your lifestyle and routine
• Your medical history and your chronic illness if any
• Examine your pulse, tongue, and eyes

Based on above, you will receive initial suggestions on tips to support your wellness. You will receive a report within 10 days.

Service (B) Personal Ayurveda Therapy Treatment: 60 mins 

A treatment can only start after initial Ayurveda 1o1 personal consultation to set your goal and assess the progress.

A typical treatment will last 60 mins per session, the plan will cover below but not limited to treat targeted dosha(s):

  • – Ayurveda Yoga Therapy (a detox style of gentle Yoga flow with TaiChi, strengthening, de-heating and body water draining)
  • – Nadis (Chinese meridian acupressure application) 
  • – Hands-on Reiki 
  • – Vayu Ayurvedic Thai Massage 
  • – Pranayama (breath work) & Guided meditation 
  • – Heart Compass counselling (optional): uproot your imbalances from finding out the root cause psychologically  

Ad-Hoc Service (C) Hands-on Reiki: 60 mins 


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