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“Ayurveda is an individual medicine when we don’t just look at your symptoms but YOU as a person holistically.” Ayurveda is the oldest documented healing system passed down more than 5000 years back to the ancient rishis who created a way to prevent diseases and improve physical wellness to achieve total health. We offer Ayurveda applications to suit modern people living in Hong Kong. The goal is for every client to take home the healing tools for your long term rejuvenation to activate your own healing power. Please note that we offer herbs on a needed basis with your full consent. Ayurveda is not a quick fix and you will gradually see results after 2-3 months. If you are new to Ayurveda, you may book a personal consultation to understand your current imbalances first before you engage with a further treatment program.

Service (A) Ayurveda 1-on-1 Personal Consultation: (Remote or Face to Face) – 90 mins

During the 90 minutes session, we will review:

  • Your intention, chief concerns and goals
  • Prakruiti (Innate Body Type)
  • Vikruti (Current Imbalances – targeted issues to treat)
  • Agni (Digestive system) Type and Strengths
  • Ama (Half digested wastes, meaning Toxins) level
  • Your lifestyle and routine
  • Your medical history and your chronic illness if any
  • Examine your pulse, tongue, and eyes

Based on the above, you will receive initial suggestions on tips to support your wellness. You will receive a report within 14 days. You can expect to take away from your session to learn: the recommendations of home remedies and Ayurveda herbal supplements to pacify your imbalances, the potential root causes based on Ayurveda principles, the psychological causes, and triggers to your imbalances.

Based on the initial assessment, we will give you practical suggestions to change a few things in your lifestyle. All details will be discussed in the consultation with clients based on individual apparent imbalances and targeted areas to treat.


Service (B) Follow-up Personal Ayurveda Therapy Health Counselling & Treatment Session: 60 mins

These sessions can only start after the initial Ayurveda 1 on 1 personal consultation to set your goal and assess the progress.

A typical treatment will last 60 mins per session, the plan will cover below but not limited to treating targeted dosha(s). Please note we do not perform Panchakarma in Vitality Center.

– Ayurveda Yoga Therapy (a detox style of gentle Yoga flow with TaiChi, strengthening, de-heating and body water draining)

– Nadis (Chinese meridian acupressure application)

– Hands-on Reiki

– Vayu Ayurvedic Thai Massage

– Pranayama (breath work) & Guided meditation

– Heart Compass counselling (optional): uproot your imbalances from finding out the root cause psychologically

Ad-Hoc Service (C) Hands-on Reiki: 60 mins


April Tsai

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