BioVibes, Computer/Tablet Radiation Protection


  • Designed for laptops, tablets, routers, and other devices that use data, wifi or Bluetooth;
  • Comes with a strong sticker to allow good adhesion;
  • Protects against all radiations emitted or received by your device;
  • Can have a detoxing effect on some people;
  • Can reduce the symptoms of EMFs; fatigue, insomnia, headaches, stress, tingling;
  • Helps with emotional balance;
  • Improves vitality and presence of mind;
  • Facilitates restorative sleep;
  • Does not load negatively;
  • Can increase the energy level;
  • Natural carbon can leave a harmless black powder on fingers or fabrics. Rubbing with a tissue or cloth may be necessary.

Some people may feel an effect using this product. This is due to the reduction of stress that electromagnetic radiations produce on the body, as well as the immune, endocrine, digestive and nervous systems that balance in the presence of BioVibes.

Dimensions & Weight

  • About 5cm in diameter
  • About 20g (dimensions may vary due to manual measurements).

Suggested Use

Provides a complete protection field for a device. Each device must have its own chip.

The chip goes in the back of the device, on the lower part. It sticks directly to the device, or to your case. To do this, remove the pink film before applying the chip.

If you prefer not to apply it directly to your device / case, it can be held in place by a small ball of “fun-tak” type glue, or a soft case (between the mobile and the case). In these cases, do not remove the pink film to avoid exposing the sticker.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase products such as Jewellery and the Sphere, to maintain a good protection while on the move, as well as at your home and your work.


Keep out of reach of children.


While we try to keep our product description as accurate as possible, some manufacturing changes to packaging and ingredients may not be updated on time. Please read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use and not solely depend on the information provided by our website.

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