Bernadette Da Silva Fava

Intuitive Release Facial

The skin is the largest organ protecting the vital life force organs beneath. When the body is in a state of stillness and harmony a symphony of symbiosis exists.  I work with my clients to achieve results but more importantly a safe place to just be.  My massage is key to guiding my clients to a place of stillness and rest.  To love your skin is to love your routine, your skin’s needs and functions are very reflective of your life and emotions.  Sleep, diet, etc., play a huge role.

Every treatment is an opportunity to keep a vigilant eye on changes and make tweaks to routines as necessary.

It has taken me many years (30 Years) to refine my unique approach to treating each individual.  I know time is precious so during your time with me, my priority is to find the best skin-saving combinations for your particular needs

Intuitive Release Facial

This facial therapy combines my signature techniques with the elements of nature and nurture to release stress, tension and blockages in the cells and muscles of the face, neck and shoulders.

Deep relaxation combined with radiant, glowing and hydrated skin.

All my facials combine my signature techniques with a combination of cutting-edge technology and products to treat your skin.

Facials for the soul

What to expect:

Everyone has different needs and goals, which is why I look at the whole person when treating them, starting with a full skin diagnosis, which looks at all the elements of your skin, health and wellbeing.




Languages: English

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